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Recent Improvements to our Dog Day Care Facilities

Dog Day Care Facilities in Cambridgeshire

We’re continually making improvements to our facilities at Oakington Dog Day Care Centre and we wanted to share some our recent improvements with you….

We don’t believe in sitting back on our laurels, we are always thinking about what we do and considering our environment and what more we could do to enrich our dogs lives. It is important for us to keep our dogs minds and bodies stimulated while they are with us. It is essential for us to have different pieces of equipment for them to climb on, go through, stand & sit on, lay in or under, run round, peer over and into. And of course we have our paddling pools which we get out on warm days.

Dog Day Care Facilities in Cambridgeshire

Tyre Castle

Two nice tractor tyres have helped us create a lovely 2 storey feature which we have covered in nice thick rubber mats. It gives the dogs a great vantage point to view what is going on elsewhere, and they like to play hide and seek around it too. We love to see who is going to be King of the Castle.

Dog Day Care Facilities in Cambridgeshire
Dog Day Care Facilities in Cambridgeshire


We have a selection of playhouses and equipment. These offer spaces to run through, around and levels to stand and sit on. Some of our dogs are very good at coming down the slides. They also make a nice little hideaway for a little snooze between play periods.

Dog Day Care Facilities in Cambridgeshire

Dog Day Care Facilities in Cambridgeshire

Railway sleepers house

We love making use of what we have, so finding a couple of railway sleepers and some blocks we got our thinking caps on……. And our little raised house with a ramp either side was designed. The dogs love going in, out and through the house. They love going over the sleepers and up them into the house. We even have one little chap who loves to lay underneath the house.

Dog Day Care Facilities in Cambridgeshire

Garden lounge

With the addition of some new sofas our garden lounge was created. A nice space with beds, a small ball pool, a house and room to play with toys. We made it more comfortable with mats, and throws. There is plenty of space to play and snuggle down for a cuddle.

New toys, ChuckIt range extended, Goughnuts, Mega Eggs –

We are always looking for good quality toys for our dogs to enjoy. We believe that the range of toys we use ChuckIt, Goughnuts, Mega Eggs and Kong are durable, well-made and fun for our dogs to play with.

Dog Day Care Facilities in Cambridgeshire

Removed a small unused field shelter and cut the undergrowth on the mound down to extend the field area.

These have both increased the amount of usable space in our field and have given the dogs more space to explore on the side of the mound and increased their visibility across the field from a higher vantage point.

New gate between the paddock & field

We built a new double gate between our paddock and field. This enables us to move the dogs between the 2 spaces in a quiet, controlled manner. Rinse off area

We have reclaimed some rough ground by our back doors and made a clean hard standing area for cleaning dogs down if they get dirty.

We will be building some more structures after the dog show with new materials we have collected, just watch to see what else we can do with cable reels and tyres.

Our dogs love it when we add anything new to our Dog Day Care facilities and they love to investigate them fully. It is fascinating to us to watch them as they go through their investigations. As they say variety is the spice of life.

Watch this space...

As our Sensory Garden is being worked on at the moment! We will have a collection of textures, smells and sounds for the dogs to experience. We look forward to having it ready in time for the Charity Fun Dog Show on Sunday 15th September, so come along to see what we’ve created.

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