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Our Training Services

Are you a new or inexperienced dog owner who is struggling to train your puppy or dog?

If time and effort are not put into training, then unfortunately your puppy may grow up with unchecked behavioural issues.  By training your puppy or dog they will have the confidence to interact with people and dogs safely while out enjoying life with you. 

Do you worry about keeping your puppy or dog safe on your daily walks?

Keeping your puppy or dog safe and by your side is extremely important in this day and age.  Training enables you to communicate effectively with your pooch.  Keeping your puppy or dog by your side concentrating on you in a dangerous situation could save their life.

Do you feel guilty that you can’t fit in regular training sessions in your busy day?

Puppies and dogs love to learn, and consistent, short training sessions will give you the dog you imagined.  Training takes practice and patience, but the rewards are huge and will keep your pooch happy and safe.

Are you frustrated that your puppy or dog is always jumping up at you?

Teaching your puppy or dog to not jump up is so important, especially around children, the elderly, and people who are wary of dogs.

Image by Jamie Street

How our Training Courses help busy owners raise the perfect dog.

Oakington Dog Day Care Centre have a Training Course designed for your Little Treasure.  A puppy isn’t born knowing what we expect of them, they don’t instinctively know how to survive in our world, but with a routine training plan they can learn how, helping you build the bond of trust with your puppy.

We would all love to have a perfectly obedient puppy or dog, who is happy and confident in the world, but sometimes life gets in the way and it can be hard to keep up regular training sessions and socialisation.  We have all been there, watching our puppy or dog in exasperation as they misbehave yet again, trying everything to get them to stop!  We are here to help take the stress out of puppy and dog training.

​​We ensure that all our puppies and dogs learn in a friendly and fun way, using positive reinforcement and lots of yummy treats to establish learning.  We use a variety of methods whilst training and the full facilities of day care to give your puppy or dog mental and physical enrichment while training, making sure the learning sticks!

Take a look at our courses below

We are here to help take the stress out of training.

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