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Here at Oakington Dog Day Care Centre, we are proud to offer our bespoke training services to help you and your dog form a close bond and a great partnership. We'd all love to have perfectly obedient dogs, that are also happy and confident in the world, but sometimes life gets in the way and it can be hard to keep up regular training and socialisation.  We have all been there, watching our dog in exasperation as they misbehave yet again, trying everything to get them to stop! Whether it be pulling on the lead, jumping up at visitors, barking at animals in the garden or just not paying attention to you out on walks, we are here to help! 

​Our team love working with you and your dog to help with a variety of issues you may be struggling with. We ensure that all our dogs learn in a friendly and fun way, using positive reinforcement and lots of yummy treats to establish learning. We use a variety of methods whilst training, using the full facilities of day care to give your dog mental and physical enrichment within the training, making sure the learning sticks!

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Our 1 to 1 training sessions are integrated into a full day of day care, so you can drop your dog off in the morning knowing they are getting a balanced and fun filled day, whilst also learning some valuable life skills in a training session with our experienced and passionate team. We will work with you, making sure you are hitting your own training goals at home and focusing our work on areas you may find difficult. 

Gear this first package to Puppy Training only (this leads on from Puppy Club), building on obedience skills, sit, down, stay, steadiness in the stay, focus, recall, loose lead walking.  Describe the progression and the goals we want to meet. 



A 121 with the owner each week to demonstrate the weeks learning/cover any questions they don't understand when practising at home.

A training journal, to be shared with the owner each session/week? 

Videos demonstrating what puppy has leant so the owner can see and use these themselves.

Puppies must come in 3 times a week for the 4 weeks, there will be 1 hour of 121 training broken down into 4 x 15 minute sessions per day.

Once the puppy training is up and running, then we can look at doing packages that will concentrate on one issue like recall workshop or loose lead walking.  


We are currently offering a 4 week course tailored around your goals for you and your dog, offering training of basic manners and commands. Below is an example of how the programme runs, but this will be tailored to your wishes. If you wish to learn more about our training courses, as well as our advanced course, please enquire here and one of our friendly team will get back to you.

Week 1

To start training with your dog, we will discuss your goals with you and the problem areas you may have with your dog, for example, barking at dogs when on lead, or not listening when you are trying to recall them. If you have any photos or videos we can see of your training sessions or times you experience problems with your dog, that helps us even more! 

We want you and your dog to form the best partnership possible, making time spent with your dog a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for you both. We will get to know how your dog likes to learn, what his favourite treats and toys are, and start our training. You will be given homework every week to consolidate the training we have taught your dog. Don't worry, this will be fun for you both! The key to great training is consistency and positive reinforcement, and with our guidance you will see the benefits that come with a little work!

Week 2

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Continuing from Week 1's learning, we will start to work on changing your dog's thinking of how they should react to a certain situation. For example, stopping your dog barking at people walking past the house. We always work with your goals mind, so your programme will be specifically tailored to the changes you would like to see in your dog.

Whilst working on problem areas with your dog, we will also give them a break from training with a different activity, such as a scent experience in our sensory garden, or  a puzzle game. At Oakington Dog Day Care Centre, we have lots of tasty treats and fun toys for your dog to enjoy during their sessions! We find that performing short bursts of training, with a fun filled break in between training, really helps dogs stay focused and learn quicker.

Week 3

If you'd like clicker training included in your programme, by this point your dog will clearly understand the clicker. We love using clickers to mark good behaviour, and we find them particularly useful when teaching new skills to a variety of dogs. They can be used in a range of situations, from teaching your dog to leave food on the counter, or getting them to learn how to lay down on command. 

A clicker is also great for helping them overcome anxiety when performing health checks, and can even be used at the vet! We will help your dog learn that health checks like having their paws, ears and teeth looked at isn't so bad, there might even be a treat involved! 

Week 4

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After their last lesson your dog is ready to graduate from our basic course! They will have learnt some basic commands and general manners, which is a great introduction to training. It is also brilliant preparation for our more advanced course, where we can teach more complex skills such as turning off the light, or fetching your keys. Great for when you're in a rush in the mornings!

Your dog's learning journey has only just begun, and we would love to continue working with you and your dog to get the best results possible. Dogs love to learn, especially when its fun! Our Canine Enrichment Team is fully qualified and passionate about animal welfare, and you can feel safe in the knowledge that your dog will be treated like they are our own. Our more advanced training programme will be integrated into a full day of day care, and will be formulated with goals to suit you and your dog. Once your dog has completed our basic training programme, they are welcome to continue into our advanced programme.

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