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How We Make Everyday Amazing!

Oakington Dog Day Care Centre is not a 'run of the mill' doggy day care, We are a family run business that require more than 'run of the mill' staff. Our Canine Enrichment Team are a dedicated and passionate crew of dog lovers and owners.

A lot of dogs can spend over 8 hours a day waiting for their owners to come home. Once home, there are often lots of distractions that mean that there is not always the time available to ensure that the needs of our canine friends are met. Many of us have experienced the coronavirus lockdown, and it makes it easier to appreciate the need for exercise and companionship, as well as physical and mental stimulation. 

Are you so busy rushing around that you're finding it difficult to give your canine companion the time they need during the day? Bring your dog to us, and experience going to work guilt free with the peace of mind that your dog's needs are being met. Your dog will be enjoying himself socially, mentally and physically.

Our team develop a relationship and build a rapport with your dog, and will interact with them all day. Our Canine Enrichment Team know how best to keep your dog amused, whether they are of a quieter disposition or full of beans. You can rest assured that your dog is spending quality time with people who love them as if they were their own dog. We do all this to provide you and your dog with our outstanding service.

Once your dog has arrived at our doggy haven here in Cambridgeshire, they will enjoy supervised play in a park like setting. We rotate the dogs as a group around our field, paddock, sensory garden and indoor play area so they always have something to explore. We have lots of toys, bubble machines, agility equipment, climbing frames, sand pits, paddling pools, tyres, and even a fantastic ball pool. We always vary the activities dependant on the weather and the dogs we have in that day, meaning no 2 days are the same, keeping your dog content and entertained.

We have dedicated rest times during the day. Your dog will rest during the morning and afternoon sessions, as well as 2 hours over the lunchtime period. We believe that it is essential that your dog does not become overtired during the day. Your dog will have a proper chance to recharge their batteries in readiness for the next session.

There is a choice of beds, crates, duvets, pillows and sofas (providing they are allowed on them at home, of course) for your dog to choose from and enjoy a good sleep. At rest time they find the spot they like best and very soon all is quiet as they snooze.

All dogs go through a two stage induction process as the Dog Day Care environment does not suit every dog. Our induction consists of a Meet & Greet, followed by a half day trial to check that they are happy and settled in our environment. Once this has been successfully completed and your dog has been accepted, they are free to come whenever they like, providing we have the availability.


Want to see what we get up to during the day? Take a look at our Facebook, Instagram and website to see what we get up to everyday at The Best Doggy Daycare in Cambridge!

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