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Oakington Dog Day Care Centre Ltd Members Club

Privacy Policy

ODDCC limits the amount of personal data we collect to the absolute minimum that is required for our service to operate. We will never collect data that we don’t need and we will never sell or pass on any personal data to 3rd parties.

When making an enquiry with us through our contact form, over the phone or via email, you will provide us with access to personal details such as identity and contact details. By sending an enquiry to us and you do not become a client we will not use your personal data in any way other than for contacting you about the enquiry you made. It will only be stored within the emails that you have sent us in our inbox- which is provided and secured by Google.  We will delete your information from our booking system Vcita if you do not become a client.

When you become a client of ODDCC, we require further personal information from you to be able to carry out our services. This includes your full identity and contact details and details about your dog(s). All personal details that we require, we will ask for directly, over email or phone and we will not collect anything else without you knowing or giving free consent. This personal data is used to set up and run the services we provide to you. It is stored and used within our administration and accounting systems. These are:

  • Quickbooks our accounting software. The data we enter and store on here is restricted to identity, contact details and details about your dog(s).  We use this service to process invoices to clients and record payments. Quickbooks have their own Security policy and Privacy policy for all data that is stored within their online software.

  • GoCardless, which is a direct debit collection service. We use GoCardless to collect payments for invoices from our clients and direct debit membership fee payments. This is directly linked to Quickbooks and data from Quickbooks and GoCardless is passed automatically between the services. When you set up a direct debit with ODDCC, you do so by completing an online form on the GoCardless website. The personal data entered here is only partly shared with ODDCC and we have no access to any financial data of any client. The data we do get access to is the same data that you have submitted to us directly and this is so we can link a direct debit account to a client on our system and within Quickbooks. GoCardless have their own Privacy policy for the personal data that you enter via their website.

  • Vcita which is our online booking system and email newsletter and announcement service. When you send an enquiry through our website this information creates a client in Vcita.  If you do not become a client of ODDCC your details will be deleted.  If you become a client of ODDCC your account in Vcita will be fully populated with all of your contact details and details about your dog.  Your email address is added to a list which receives our important news updates. You are only sent these emails while you are a live client and if you cease to be a client, you are removed from this list. This list of email addresses is not used for marketing purposes or ever used by 3rd party companies. We will only ever email you in this way to let you know about important changes or events that will affect you as a client of ODDCC. Within this service, ODDCC has access to information regarding how and where emails have been delivered, opened and links have been clicked on. Vcita have their own Privacy policy for all data that is stored on their software.

To summarise, ODDCC and our staff will only ever have access to identity data, contact data, and data about your dog(s). We never have access to passwords or any financial data and use trusted companies to process this extra secure data on our behalf. The personal data we do have, we limit access to it to employees that need to have access to it to perform their business activities. We take security of personal data very seriously and all our employees are subject to a duty of confidentiality.

You have certain rights regarding the personal data that we hold about you. This includes the right to request a copy of any or all of this data, to correct it if any of the data that we have is not accurate or outdated, to restrict or prevent us processing your data and for us to permanently delete your data. To carry out any of these rights, please email us and we will act quickly and within legal timeframe in all instances. Please note that in some circumstances, laws and regulations that we have to follow will supersede these rights or requests. For example, once a dog has attended daycare, we are required to hold data of the dog and the owner for a minimum amount of time to comply with licensing regulations. We will not be able to delete this required data until this time period has passed- however we will be able to delete any data that is not required to comply with these regulations. Equally, we will not be able to delete personal data that will allow us to be paid or claim for an outstanding invoice or unpaid services until those services have been paid for. If you have unresolved concerns, you have the right to complain to an EU data protection authority where you live or work, or where you believe a breach may have occurred.

Due to the fact that ODDCC only collects necessary data, if you no longer want us to have access to this data or process it- we will not be able to continue to carry out any services for you, this includes opting out of email communications from us, as there is often important or vital information within these emails that you are required to know and/or acknowledge.

We may make changes to this privacy policy as and when required by law. 

This privacy policy was last updated on the 25th June 2022

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