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Frequently Asked Questions

How many dogs come in a day?

It's always different! Rest assured, there are always others for your dog to play with, sometimes they will be spoilt for choice!  Maybe your dog will find their new best friend!

Do I have to provide my dog's food for lunch?

Lots of dog love to have lunch or a snack over the lunchtime rest period.  To make sure we don't give the dogs anything that could upset their tummy or cause an allergic reaction, we ask that you provide your dogs food for us to give at lunchtime.  You can be sure your dog is not getting too much or too little to eat by providing us a portion of your dogs food (or even just a little snack) in a sealed tub with their name clearly written on it. 

What age do you take dogs from?

We take puppies from 13 weeks, provided they have been cleared by the vet to go outside and have had all of their puppy vaccinations.  Most puppies start off on half day's so they do not overexert their growing puppy bodies, and then move on to full days as they get older.  We love to see them growing up!  We also welcome adult and senior dogs.

Do you have space for new dogs?

Yes! We'd love to meet you and your dog!

Does my dog have to be neutered/spayed before coming in?

Dogs will need to be castrated before their first birthday, to ensure dogs of both sexes can enjoy day care together.  Bitches do not need to be spayed to come into day care, but will not be able to come in while they are in season. 

How do you split the groups of dogs up?

Depending on the number and mix of dogs that we have, we do not split them up, they have a great time all interacting together!  We have a large field that they can run and play together, as well as lay down or rest quietly away from the more boisterous dogs.  If we have a lot of dogs in that day, we will split them according to play styles, some dogs like to run and chase, whereas other like to lay down and gently play.  Small and large dogs have the chance to interact together, as well as puppies and older dogs.  Young puppies have supervised periods of off lead interaction with the older dogs, so as not to over exert themselves.  This also helps build confidence as they grow into an adolescent and then adult dog.

How much notice do we need to give to make a booking?

The more notice the better!  We can book you in days/ weeks in advance to ensure you have secured your dog's place for the day.  We sometimes have space at short notice, but this not guaranteed.  Please ring us for short notice bookings and we will try our best to accommodate you.

What do you half day and full day packages cost?

10 half days for the price of 9: £207

10 full days for the price of 9: £297

We also offer deals for multiple dogs from the same household.

How much rest do the dogs get and do they rest together?

We are firm believers that dogs need rest!  Our dogs are keen to come in for a snooze and love having their own space to settle.  We have a rest period in the morning of an hour, to give them a break between two play sessions before lunch.  Our lunchtime break is 2 hours, your dog will be allowed to rest, given lunch and then allowed to toilet, and then rest properly before going out to play for the afternoon.  We have one more rest period of an hour in between the two play sessions in the afternoon.  This ensures your dog goes home tired, but not unmanageable due to lack of sleep.  You and your dog can enjoy some quality time together in the evening cuddled up on the sofa knowing your dog has had a nicely balanced day of play and rest!

What vaccinations does my dog need to join the fun?

Your dog will need all of their puppy vaccinations before joining the fun, and an adult dog will need their yearly boosters kept up to date.  We also ask that your dog has the kennel cough vaccine (this is not included in your dog's yearly boosters) before coming in.  We ask for a copy of your dog's vaccination card for our records to ensure your dog is kept up to date.

What happens if my dog gets injured at day care?

Our team are all trained in canine first aid and are confident dealing with a variety of problems, as well as being able to recognise when veterinary care is required. If a minor injury occurs we will treat it at day care, inform you what has happened, and if the dog is ok after treatment, allow them back out to play.  If a more serious injury occurs, we will do our best to treat it at day care, inform you of what has happened at day care and seek veterinary advice.  If a dog needs urgent veterinary attention, we have staff that can take your dog to Ashcroft Vets, our emergency veterinary centre.  You will be informed of any incident that concerned us at day care, even if it is minor, such as falling over in the field.

How many members of staff do you have on a given day?

We always have a minimum of two people with the dogs, as well as a third person on site.  Our 5* rating means that we have a ratio of 1 member of staff to 6-8 dogs.  To meet our staff and see how they provide outstanding care, please click here!

How long is a half day session and a full day session?

A half day session takes place in the morning or afternoon.  The morning sessions run from 8am until 12pm, and the afternoon sessions are from 2pm until 6pm.

Do you provide a pick up/ drop off service?

We do not provide a pick up/ drop off service.  We are conveniently located near the A14 with a large car park for you to safely park and get your dog out of the car.

Do you take the dogs off site?

No, we never take the dogs off site unless they are being taken to the vet. We have fields in a park like setting, as well as a sensory garden and a seasonal pond so your dog has all the fun they need in the safety of an enclosed space!

What is the procedure for drop off/pick up of my dog?

With current Covid restrictions we have had to update our policy.  Staff members will be wearing a mask and we ask that you do too when dropping off your dog.  A member of our Canine Enrichment Team will come out to the car park to greet you and your dog, they will clip their lead on and then ask you to take your lead off.  Any lunch box handed over will be washed down, and your dog will be washed down in clean water and their collar wiped with anti bacterial wipes before being allowed in to the centre.  It is the same procedure in reverse when collecting your dog, please wait in the car park until your dog is brought out to you to keep yourself and our team safe. 

Any other questions? Please contact us here and we will be happy to help!

Dog Day Care centre in Oakington, Cambridgeshire, the Best Care and Excellent facilities for your do
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