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Silver Service Dog Day Care

Make your dog feel like a VIP

We are now able to reveal our Silver Service! Any dog, young or old, chilled or raring to go, can enjoy the benefits of our VIP enrichment experience! Your dog will receive 20 minute exclusive one to one time with one of the members of our fully qualified Canine Enrichment Team. Your dog will love having some extra special time with our fun and caring staff and will come home happily tired and looking gorgeous!

Full day £48


An intensive, enriching, olfactory experience in our Scent Garden that leaves your dog tired, happy and better behaved for you.  This exclusive time will be designed around your dog, and we will find a scent activity that he particularly enjoys.


A little time will be spent giving your dog a lovely brush through to spruce their feathers up and give them a little spring in their step. (This will be subject to good coat condition and will be no longer than ten minutes)


Your dog will enjoy a mind tingling Brain Game that will work their 'little grey cells'. We will work on their ability to solve puzzles. These are fun mental exercises that will tire your pupster out as much as a good run would.

Does your dog want to join the fun?

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