The 'Tail' of How Oakington Dog Day Care Came To Be!

Pamela and Clive, the Founders

We are Pamela & Clive, we moved to Oakington in 1996 and love it.  We share our home with 2 flatcoated retrievers Bentley and Morgan and we recently lost our Golden Retriever Floyd earlier this year at the good age of 13.  Floyd (aka Floydus McNaughty Pants) was and will always be our mascot for doggy day care.

Dog Day Care Dogs Daycare puppies Oakington Cambridge Puppy

Let me tell you a little about us: myself (Pamela), grew up with dogs and cats at home. They were always a part of our lives, and one of my earliest memories is of me sitting in a paddling pool with our Labrador called Laddie, pouring water over him with a plastic cup. I am a qualified accountant, a job I really enjoyed, but after 17 years at my last company I was at a time in my life when I wanted a change. I took a career break in 2012 to enjoy time with our dogs and recentre myself. During my break my love of dogs led me to retrain as a Dog Groomer at the College of Animal Welfare. Once qualified I set up Spruced Goose Dog Grooming next to the village pet shop in 2015. I love my grooming dogs, each one is incredibly special to me. 

Clive didn't have pets growing up, but he looked forward to a time when he could have a dog of his own. Clive was a driving instructor for 14 years; he loved his job, teaching life skills to his pupils, which brought him into contact with a wide variety of people. Clive now gets a lot of fulfilment working in daycare, he brings his training skills to our business as well as his own sense of humour. It wasn't until 2006 that as a couple we were in a position to bring our first puppy home, our Golden Retriever called Floyd. He had a huge character and an attitude to match; he loved people and his speciality was to surprise everyone by going through out legs from behind. As all dog owners know, bringing a puppy or dog home changes your life completely (for the better I might add!) and a whole new world opens up. Funnily enough you end up knowing a lot more people, but only by their dog's names!

We were then entrusted with our first Flatcoat Bentley, who within ten minutes of being brought home had launched himself into our pond. He has all the Flatcoat characteristics and is a true water baby, he knows when there is water nearby, long before I catch sight of it! Then came our third addition, Morgan, another Flattie. A wiggly, licky girl. Both Morgan and Bentley love their gundog training, and its a joy to see them doing what comes naturally to them.

When the pet shop sadly closed in 2015, we could see that the site would make an amazing place for dogs to come and enjoy themselves. So, the hard work started to make the premises dog safe and secure. In April 2016 we opened Oakington Dog Day Care Centre and the product of my imagination was born. 

I wanted to make a special place where dogs of all shapes and sizes could socialise together without being segregated into size. The one thing that has always frustrated me when we walk our dogs, some (not all) small dog owners would pick up their dogs to pass us. I wanted an environment where all sizes of dogs could mix and get on together, being happily at ease in each others company. Our VSO's (Very Special Owners) know that their dogs will enjoy a special adventure every time they visit. Our Canine Enrichment Team are with the dogs all day, making sure they have the best possible time.

At Oakington Dog Day Care your dogs are treated as if they were our own, our daycare is a place where your dogs can have fun, play, and happily sniff away to their hearts content. They will also enjoy lots of love and fuss, and most importantly, have quiet time to rest and relax throughout the day. Our VIP's go home happily tired to their families, to have doggie dreams about the lovely day they've had.

Our Canine Enrichment Team


Our VIP dogs need staff that are fit for the stars! Plenty of attention, love, play and relaxation from our Canine Enrichment Team means your dog will feel like a superstar all day. Our team are a group of passionate animal lovers that are dedicated to ensuring each dog has the best day they can. 

Our team is made up of Meghan, Dean, Emma, Ella and Charlie, and between them they hold several animal and canine qualifications. They are constantly working to improve and develop their knowledge and skills to make sure the dogs are having a great time, you learn something new everyday as the saying goes!

The team have a wide variety of ways of interacting with the dogs to ensure they get the best out of their day; this can be anything from encouraging them to sniff and explore in the Sensory Garden, playing games such as tug or chase in the fields, or simply spending a bit of quality time giving some love and attention to the dogs when they want it. 


Your dog could be the next superstar to receive this VIP treatment!

Dog Day Care Dogs Daycare puppies Oakington Cambridge Puppy
Dog Day Care Dogs Daycare puppies Oakington Cambridge Puppy