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Little Treasures Puppy Club

Do you have a new puppy that would like to gain some social skills and life experiences, or just have some fun?

Bring them to Oakington Dog Day Care Centre to join the gang!

We have a specially formulated programme tailored to each individual puppy to help them gain confidence and social skills whilst enjoying the park like setting of our day care environment.

Your puppy can join our Little Treasures Puppy Club to gain the full benefits of our services. We offer a 4 week Puppy Programme that will help your puppy integrate themselves into the pack. All puppies start on half day sessions, but once completing our programme they can join us for a full day of fun!


We aim to build your puppies confidence around dogs and people, making for a well-rounded and happy dog as they grow into adulthood. We realise the importance of rest, and have 3 designated quiet rest periods throughout the day. Once your puppy has completed our programme and has learnt the art of resting quietly at break time, they can come and join us for a full day of adventures! Puppies must come in for a minimum of one half day session per week for the 4 week programme.  We recommend that puppies ideally come in for an additional 1 but no more than 2 sessions per week to gain the full benefits and consolidate their learning.


Week 1

Your puppy will begin their adventure by being integrated into the pack. They can enjoy making new friends at their own pace under supervision. Our team love building a bond with your puppy, and this will start the minute they walk through the door with lots of love, praise and attention! We help your puppy learn about relaxing at break time, allowing their busy minds time to rest and recharge between play sessions.

  • Your puppy will meet a range of sizes, breeds, and ages of dogs, helping them gain social skills and experience a variety of play styles

  • Early socialisation helps build confidence later in life

  • Our team love welcoming new puppies into the gang and building a bond of trust with them.

Week 2

Our team will introduce your puppy to being handled during a basic health check, and make it a fun experience for them! We will also introduce them to having their paws washed, being towel dried, and wearing one of our soft drying coats.

  • Introducing your puppy to being handled by people that aren't their parents, allows them to learn that it isn't all that bad, there are even yummy treats involved! This can help them stay relaxed whilst visiting the vet or the groomer

  • Allows our team to check your puppy for any mats or burs in their fur, as well as check them for signs of general good health every time they come in


Week 3

Your puppy will learn valuable gate manners, learning to sit and wait to go through the gate calmly with the other dogs. Your puppy will also benefit from some basic command training, such as sit, down and stay.

  • Learning good gate manners will help teach your dog impulse control, and help stop them bolting out of doors at home

  • Puppies learn quickly when they are young, by teaching good manners and basic commands, your dog will pick up new training much quicker


Week 4

Puppies growing bodies need more rest than an adult dog's, so will spend some time on lead whilst still being able to interact with the day care group. We can teach your puppy good lead manners, making their time on the lead more pleasant and enjoyable. Once your puppy has learnt to rest well at break times, they can graduate to full days and have even more fun with us!

  • Time on lead helps your puppy rest their developing bodies, and will help prevent issues related to overexercise

  • Teaching your puppy to walk on a loose lead with praise and treats helps at home when you are out and about with your pup

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