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Members Only Club

Oakington Dog Day Care is a Members Only Club, and as a member of the most exclusive daycare in the county you get member benefits, special discounts and you can relax in the knowledge that your dog is always a V.I.P. (very important pooch) at the most desirable and friendly daycare around.

Our wonderful team are extremely dedicated to providing the best dog care & enrichment for your dog and we are very committed to delivering the best customer service too. 

Whichever level of Membership you choose every member will receive a Membership card showing their chosen Membership, a Welcome Pack (dependent on the Membership level chosen), access to online booking system, our quarterly newsletter, access to our members only facebook group and free nail clipping.

Read more about the range of benefits & services you will receive as one of our Premium or Elite Members below.

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Any questions please send them to or check out our FAQ's below. 

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Click here to sign up ​ 


​Is there a minimum period you have to sign up for?

There is no contracted period that you have to sign up for, you can cancel at anytime.  But to be a member the membership fee must be paid on the 1st of the month continuously in order for your dog to come into daycare. 

Can I change to a different level of membership?

Yes, you are very welcome to change levels.

Will the monthly membership fee be taken by direct debit?

Yes, we will send you details to set up your direct debit for the membership fee. 

How do I pay for daycare?

Daycare is payable as you do now either per visit or with a 10 day package.  

What happens if my dog has a season?

We cannot accept bitches in season, but any benefits that your dog has not enjoyed while on leave on the premium or elite levels will carry over to when your dog returns after her season.

I have 2 dogs, can I change between individual memberships for each dog to a sharing a membership between my 2 dogs?

Yes, you are welcome to change between having a membership for each of your dogs so they can either enjoy all of the benefits themselves or they can share the benefits of a membership, you choose.

Can I pause my membership?

You are not able to pause your membership, but you can cancel at anytime.  If you then decide to rejoin at a later date, it won't be at the same preferential rate that you signed up with and you run the risk of us being closed to new members and not having a space for your dog.

Can I join at a later date?

Yes you can most certainly join at a later date if you wish, but depending on the last time we saw you your dog may need to go through the induction again.

How do I buy a 10 day package and how much do I save?

You can buy a 10 day package through our Online Booking System, this is then added to your account for you book against.  A 10 day package has a life of 1 year from date of purchase.


To sign up to become a member please click here


Any questions please send them to

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