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Oakington Dog Day Care Centre Ltd Members Club


Oakington Dog Day Care Centre Ltd (ODDCC) (company number 09992857), is a company registered in England at 7 Church View, Oakington, Cambridge, CB24 3AU, trading address is at Dry Drayton Road, Oakington, CB24 3BD.

1.    It is important that you have read and understood all of the following terms and conditions of Oakington Dog Day Care Centre Ltd (ODDCC), to ensure the safety of our staff, clients and dogs and to keep Oakington Dog Day Care Centre Ltd a safe environment for not only your dog, but all dogs in attendance and their owners.

2.    By:- 

a)    enrolling your dog in our induction process, or
b)    signing up to be a member of ODDCC Ltd, or 
c)    booking your dog to attend daycare on our online booking system Vcita, or
d)    booking additional daycare services of ODDCC Ltd, the Client is deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions and you confirm that you have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions, including the payment and cancellation policy

3.    By allowing or organising your dog to participate in the services we provide, and/ or by signing our new client form; you accept, understand and agree the following terms and conditions, which may be updated at any time.

4.    We feel it’s important for you to know that although we do everything we can to ensure the safety and happiness of your dog, there are some risks involved with our activities that you should be aware of, risks most of which are present in everyday life for your dog in situations they will be in even out of daycare.  

5.    Please note that not all dogs are suitable for a daycare setting. They may attend a meet & greet and come in for their trial and seem ok but after a few sessions once they have settled in we find they are unsuitable. We may ask for you to leave if this happens. 

6.    All dogs must be a member of ODDCC Ltd in order for them to be able to book any our services.

7.    ODDCC is open Monday to Friday 8am-6pm

8.    ODDCC is closed on bank holidays and the period between Christmas and New Year.

9.    Your dog must be attached on a lead before exiting your vehicle in the car park and must remain so throughout the handover.  Your dog must be fitted with a suitable secure dog collar for your daycare visit, not a dog harness.  The ODDCC Dog daycare tag which you have been issued must be attached to your dog’s collar, this is a requirement of South Cambs District Council.  Your own I.D tag must also be attached to your dog’s collar to comply with UK Law.

10.    Children under the age of 16 must be supervised at all times and must not be solely responsible for your dog/s during your visit.  Please be aware there are cars, other dogs and wildlife all around, we do not want to risk a dog not under control causing an accident to itself or yourself, another dog, another client or our staff.

11.    We require all dogs to be micro-chipped in accordance with law.

12.    All dog mess must be cleaned up and deposited in the dog bin provided. In case of an emergency we can provide you with a poo bag or you can buy poo bags from us.

13.    An assessment is necessary for all dogs that wish to attend day care to determine their suitability for daycare. All dogs that attend must be good-natured, unaggressive, sociable, and have a good level of basic training.

14.    Our induction process is in 2 parts, where we perform an assessment of suitability prior to attending and being accepted into ODDCC.

15.    Induction Part 1 - All dogs will attend a Meet & Greet, with the owner present.  The Meet & Greet is a free service.  

16.    Induction Part 2 – All dogs who have successfully completed the Meet & Greet will come in for a half day Trial, the owner will leave their dog and collect at the agreed time.  The Trial is chargeable at current rates.

17.    Should your dog be deemed to be unsuitable by ODDCC, we reserve the right to cancel the booking, with immediate effect.

18.    We recommend that dogs come into daycare at least once a month.  If a dog has not attended for a calendar year the dog will have to go through a new induction.  We reserve the right to go through an induction for any dogs that we have not seen between 6-12 months.

19.    Payments are made in advance of the day care.

20.    Payments are to be made via our secure third-party GoCardless, via bank transfer or by cash.

21.    By adding your Direct Debit details into GoCardless you agree for your membership fee to be taken automatically every month.

22.    If you collect your dog before the confirmed end date and time of their stay you will not receive a refund or partial refund.

23.    Block booking packages will have a life of 1 year from the day payment is made. 

24.    ODDCC Ltd requires one month’s notice of cancellation of your membership. The Client agrees to provide such notice or pay the amount that would be due during this notice period of the membership fee. The Client may cancel with notice at any time; there is no minimum term of contract.

25.    If a booking is cancelled with 1 working days’ notice a 100% charge of the booking will apply unless we can fill your place. 

26.    Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice of your daycare booking will incur the full charge.  E.g. ODDCC opens at 8am, if you need to cancel a day, we need to know before 8am on the day prior to you attending (at least 24 hours in advance).

27.    Late collections will incur an additional charge.  For every 30 minutes (or part of) there will be an additional charge of £10 per half hour.

28.    We cannot accept bitches in season, they will not be able to attend ODDCC for the duration of their season (generally 3-4 weeks). This is to protect them from obsessive attention and also make sure it does not cause fights with attending male dogs.  If you think your bitch is coming into season please inform us immediately. We reserve the right to cancel your dog’s day care without notice.  

29.    Male dogs over the age of 1 year that are entire will not be accepted into day care.  To ensure a safe dynamic within the group, all male dogs over one year old must be neutered in order to attend. 

30.    Enrichment is a normal part of our dog’s routine, this comes in the form of socialisation, play, toys, grooming and very occasionally a treat.  All dogs who attend ODDCC partake in these activities.  We require written notification if such enrichment is not recommended.

31.    ODDCC is an off-lead environment. You consent to your dog playing and interacting with other dogs in ODDCC in our secure field environment.  We do not walk your dog outside of our grounds.

32.    ODDCC gives dogs the opportunity to mix and play freely together and will therefore be in the company of other dogs (including other sized dogs and dogs of different ages and breeds).  

33.    We believe in letting dogs be dogs and run around and play with each other and on a variety of surfaces and equipment, it makes the daycare a more fun and interactive place for them to be.  By using ODDCC, you accept this and will not hold us liable (financially or otherwise) for any injury, accident or sickness that occurs as a result of normal day to day participation in our daycare.

34.    At ODDCC, dogs are never left together without direct supervision.

35.    Puppies (up to 1 year old) are allowed to socialise and play with puppies and also with the dog group.  

36.    Dogs being crated during rest times forms a normal part of their routine if the dog happily settles in a crate.  You consent that crates may be used for rest breaks and feeding if required.  You consent that crates may be used in exceptional circumstances to maintain dog and human safety as appropriate and only if absolutely necessary, for a limited time. 

37.    Should your dog require lunch please bring your dog food in a sealed container which is clearly labelled with your dog’s name and your surname.  Please do not use plastic bags as these can split.  ODDCC does not provide dog food or lunch. If the Client supplies their dog with a daily meal whilst at ODDCC then the Client understands their dog will be fed in a separated area from other dogs. The Client consents for ODDCC to feed their dog food supplied by the Client.


38.    Any dogs showing signs of illness will not be accepted into daycare until recovered.

39.    Please do not bring your dog if they are sick or have had recent surgery. Your dog will not be allowed into ODDCC if they are showing any signs of illness or infection (e.g., such as: coughing, skin infections, parasitic infections, sickness, diarrhoea, mucous discharge from eyes, ears, nose or genitalia).

40.    If your dog has watery stools or is generally feeling unwell vomiting etc. please do not bring them to daycare as there is a possibility it will be passed to all other daycare attendees. 

41.    In the event your dog becomes ill while in daycare, we will make every effort to contact you or your emergency contact. However, if we are unable to contact you or your emergency contact, or if the situation is deemed time critical, your dog’s interests will be of paramount importance and we will take your dog to our registered veterinary surgery for treatment. Any treatment given will be at the discretion of the vet, and payment will be your responsibility.

42.    We take the greatest possible care of all the dogs we are responsible for; however minor injuries, cuts and scrapes occur in daycare as a result of friendly play, they occur accidentally, and these have to be accepted and any treatment is your responsibility.

43.    By using ODDCC, you acknowledge and understand that there are certain risks involved in participating in dog daycare, including but not limited to injuries to people, property and animals resulting from dog fights, dog bites to humans or other dogs and the transmission of disease.  We take every precaution to prevent all of these occurrences.

44.    Should your dog be involved in any incident, our staff will check your dog for signs of injury and administer first aid where necessary.  However, our staff are not trained vets so we advise you to check your dog at home and/or seek professional advice.  You agree not to hold ODDCC responsible for failing to spot that an injury has occurred, or that the nature of the injury is worse than realised.

45.    In the unlikely event of your dog being involved in an accident or in an emergency, ODDCC will take your dog to Ashcroft Veterinary Surgery immediately.  We will phone you or your emergency contact to inform you what has happened.  Your consent will be required in all circumstances where euthanasia is the recommended course of action by a vet.  Should we not be able to contact either you or your dog’s emergency contact veterinary advice will be followed.  We will provide you with all the details of the vet who attended your dog.  You will be responsible for all costs incurred.

46.    Should a dog die while at daycare We will ensure your dog is left to rest peacefully until you are able to collect them.  You must keep us informed of any changes to your dog’s health and any medical conditions.

47.    Medicines instructed to be given to your dog during day care at ODDCC by the Client will be stored, used and disposed of in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer. Medicines will only be administered to your dog with the Client’s consent following veterinary advice.

48.    The Client will take responsibility for any costs which may be incurred, by either veterinary or other, as a result of any damage, accident, or sickness caused to or by their dog and will pay any such costs or expenses on demand.

49.    Before being accepted as a member of ODDCC all dogs must be up to date on all of their vaccinations including Kennel cough and you are required to provide proof of your vaccination certificate during your induction.  You must provide a copy of your dog’s vaccination certificate annually to continue to come into daycare.  

50.    Your dog must also be treated with a veterinary approved flea, tick and worm treatment, we may ask for proof of this & dates of application.  You agree to ensure that your dog will be treated regularly for fleas, ticks and worms.  If we find evidence of fleas or worms your dog will be quarantined if appropriate and you will be required to collect your dog immediately. They will not be allowed to attend again until the issue has been resolved.  If we find evidence of ticks we will let you know when you collect your dog.

51.    All dogs must display the appropriate behaviour around all dogs. We will not permit excessive humping or obsessive and destructive behaviours either. 

52.    Dogs who continuously bark will need to attend training to address this behaviour. Dogs who bark continuously will not be allowed to attend daycare until this issue is resolved.

53.    You must inform us of any aggressive behaviour your dog has shown towards people or other dogs.

54.    You must confirm that your dog has no record of aggressive or anti-social behaviour, and you have made full disclosure of any characteristic or trait that might make your dog unsuitable for socialising with other dogs.

55.    You must inform us of any aggressive behaviour incidents that occur after becoming a member of ODDCC, you must contact us prior to any future bookings to inform us of the changes in your dogs behaviour and character. 

56.    Dogs who have attacked, bitten or injured another dog or person will not be permitted to attend. If any of the above happen while at ODDCC you will be required to collect your dog immediately.  We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to aggressive behaviour.

57.    Should any dog show aggressive tendencies to people or other dogs, or become uncontrollable, you or your emergency contact will be informed in order for your dog to be collected immediately.

58.    ODDCC reserves the right to terminate the contract immediately of any dog or owner who displays aggressive, destructive or unreasonable behaviour.

59.    You will be liable if your dog injures a third party or any ODDCC staff.

60.    If your dog attacks or injures another dog you will be responsible for not only your vet bill if your dog is hurt but also the vet bill of the dog that was attacked. If the attack was 50/50 then both parties will be responsible for their own bill.

61.    You accept that should we deem it necessary; staff may muzzle or crate your dog.

62.    You agree to be responsible for any additional charges. 

63.    Dogs with behaviour or aggression issues or extreme behavioural problems will not be accepted.  

64.    We also reserve the important right to quarantine or ‘time out’ dogs from the main daycare environment for behavioural reasons.

65.    We have a zero tolerance policy for abuse to our staff.  This will terminate any contract we have and you will not be allowed back.

66.    ODDCC will not accept responsibility for the death, injury or illness of your dog. We strongly recommend you to insure your dog for all eventualities while in daycare. 

67.    We accept no responsibility for damaged or lost collars, harnesses or accessories or other items brought in with your dog.

68.    You give consent to Oakington Dog Day Care Centre Ltd taking your dog’s image in both photo and video format while at daycare, and these photo’s and video’s may be used on the ODDCC website, social media outlets and in promotional material or in any format that ODDCC considers appropriate.

69.    All photos taken remain the property of ODDCC.

70.    Through ODDCC, you will have access to services provided by external partner companies such as training, grooming, and home boarding. Please note that any services booked with partner companies or employees are entirely the responsibility of those companies or employees and you should take care to look over their own terms and conditions before employing their services. ODDCC are not responsible for any care or service provided by them, even if it takes place on property owned or leased by ODDCC.  Any service is agreed directly between you and the company or employee and is not run by ODDCC Ltd or covered by our insurance in any way. We are not responsible or liable for the actions or care of the company or employee while they are performing any external service for you. We do not prevent our employees from providing services for you in their own time such as in evenings or weekends but it is not a service that we offer as a company. You should decide who provides these services for you and what insurance or liability is provided and covered as part of that from them directly. 

71.    Oakington Dog Day Care Centre Ltd will keep clients records in accordance with data protection principles as laid down in the Data Protection Act 2018

a)    As part of the data protection act (GDPR) it is necessary for us to inform you of the information Oakington Dog Day Care Centre Ltd (ODDCC) keeps about you & your dog, how it is used and stored.
b)    The following information is stored on a Client Record Card on a hard copy format and electronically and below is the information that is detailed on those cards:
c)    Details you have given us about your dog, your names, address(es), phone numbers, email address(es) and the veterinary practice you are registered with.  Your dogs’ health and vaccination dates, any medical conditions, any skin complaints, any allergies.  Information to help us get to know and understand your dog, any dislikes your dog has e.g. sensitive areas, temperament of your dog etc.
d)    We ask annually for an up-to-date record of your dog’s vaccinations.  We hold these in a hard and electronic format.
e)    Your name, dog’s name and your contact numbers are entered into our mobile phone, our bookings system Vcita, our accounts system QuickBooks and our payment app GoCardless, so we are able to contact you about your dog.  Our mobile phone, Vcita, Quickbooks & GoCardless are password protected.
f)    If you have taken out a Block Booking Package your name, dog’s name and breed, date of payment and dates visited daycare are recorded on a spreadsheet for accounting purposes.  These are stored electronically and password protected.
g)    The following information is downloaded from our bank for accounting purposes, your name, amount and date received in a spreadsheet that is password protected.
h)    The record cards are kept in hard copy format only and are locked away each night.  None of this information will be shared to any 3rd party.  Electronic copies are held on a password protected device.
i)    Any non-returning customers cards will be destroyed after 3 years.

Last updated 25th June 2022

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