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Grain Free and Natural Dog Treats are now Available at Oakington Dog Day Care Centre

Grain Free dog treats in Oakington Cambridgeshire

Here at Oakington Dog Day Care Centre we have started to stock a variety of grain free dog treats and we’re often asked “What are the benefits of choosing grain free?”

There has been a movement over recent years to feeding our dogs a more natural diet and moving away from highly processed kibble. Grains are used as a cheap filler and, because dogs are not designed to digest them, most of this moves straight through them and comes out the other end, without any goodness being absorbed into the body. Some treats can be high in sugars, meat meals and meat derivatives and contain a variety of E numbers. These can have a negative impact on our dogs, many dogs today have allergies and food intolerances. Too much sugar is bad for our dog’s teeth & gums, and of course there is the problem of weight gain.

There are many natural grain free treats on the market. These go from one source dried treats, to healthy baked biscuits, to air dried vegetables. When you look at the ingredients, the list is generally short. You can see clearly what is in the product, so that you know what you are feeding your dog. These treats fit nicely alongside a raw diet. Natural grain free treats are all about keeping our dogs in tip top condition by making sure that what we feed them is right for them and their digestion, from the inside out.

Unlike changing your dog food, treats don’t need to be transitioned over a period of time. The main thing to bear in mind with treats is everything in moderation.

We are now stocking a range of Buffalo, Betty Miller baked biscuits and Vitalin soft training treats. Below is a little information about all of them:

Vitalin Luxury Fresh Duck Training Treats

Vitalin recommend feeding 3-4 pieces a day to adult dogs. We have found with these treats that one treat breaks down, without crumbling, into many pieces. Which means that 1 treat can go a long way when training. This gives your dog a very tasty morsel without piling on the pounds.

• Hypoallergenic grain free treats.

•The ingredients are blended and air dried.

• Ingredients British fresh duck (60%), Sweet potato, Vegetable glycerol, Potato, Botanicals (2%)

Buffalo Natural Dog Treats

Dogs love to chew and Buffalo is a leaner alternative to beef or pork and a healthy alternative to treated rawhide. We have Buffalo ears, Wrapped Buffalo Trachea and Buffalo Tripe Sticks. All 100% Buffalo and a good source of heart protective omega-3. We have found these to be long lasting chews, that are great for our dog’s dental hygiene.

Buffalo Natural Dog Treats

Betty Miller Grain Free Biscuits

These grain free biscuits are hand baked in wood fired ovens. There are a variety of sizes and flavours to suit your dog. These are nice crunchy biscuits to be fed as a treat appropriate to your dogs weight. We loved the crunch and ingredients used in these biscuits, as did our doggy product testers.

Betty Miller Grain Free Cheese Little Bones:

Ingredients: Peas, Sweet Potato, Chicken (15%), Chicken Fat, Cheese (4%), Natural Colours

Betty Miller Grain Free Garlic Chicken Paws:

Ingredients: Peas, Chicken (16%), ChickenFat (10%), Garlic (2.5%)

Betty Miller Grain Free Duck and Orange Crunchy Bones:

Ingredients: Peas, Chicken Fat, Duck (4%), Orange Oil (0.5%)

Betty Miller Grain Free Banana, Apple & Blueberry Crunchy Bones:

Ingredients: Peas, Sweet Potato, Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, Fresh Banana (4%), Fresh Blueberries (4%), Dried Apple (1%)

We are very excited to be stocking these new grain free treats, which we feel make a nice addition alongside the Cotswold Raw food already available at our dog day care centre. Our 3 product testers have really enjoyed trying these treats out on our behalf and we look forward to hearing what your dogs think to these tasty treats. If you have any questions about natural grain free dog treats, please do ask when you’re next at our centre or feel free to get in contact, we are only too happy to help.

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