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The Team is Growing at Oakington Dog Day Care Centre!

Oakington Dog Day Care Centre team members

I thought it was high time that we introduced two more team members to you. Both Lauren and Elizabeth bring their skills, enthusiasm and love to their roles and we are so happy to have them working with us.

We thought the best way to help you get to know them better was for them to tell you in their own words a little about themselves. So, we asked them and they obliged……

Oakington Dog Day Care Centre team members - Lauren

Introducing Lauren

  • What specific skills and experience to you have?

Ever since the day I was born I have been obsessed with animals, dogs in particular, when I was born we already had 2 dogs (Alsatians) and on my 4th Christmas I got a dog of my own named Boris, he was a Samoyed. As I got older I spent a lot of time at my auntie's home helping her take care of her Labrador (Bramble), and I would also spend a lot of time at my other aunties house looking after her Labrador (Poppy). My mum also took care of a Black Lab named Tara for a while which I loved playing fetch with! Two years ago we got a Morkie (Yorkie X Maltese) named Ted who I helped raise from being a puppy. because of this I have a lot of personal experience with dogs and their day to day care and needs, I have literally never lived a life without dogs in it in some way or another. When I turned 16 I had my first Dog Day Care job, it was only a summer job, but I didn’t mind, I was willing to do anything to help me gain some experience in the field of work. Then when I turned 22 I started pet sitting through Pawshake, which gave me even more experience with animals and administering medication, also learning to adapt to different animal’s specific needs. In 2017 I started volunteering at the Blue Cross as a socialisation specialist, my job was basically to make sure the animals in my care didn’t get lonely and to also help them stay socialised, so they were ready to go to their new homes. I also have a qualification in Canine Body Language and Canine First Aid, and I am currently looking into furthering my experience and qualifications.

  • What are your favourite breeds of dog?

Now this is a very difficult question! Growing up it was definitely a Samoyed as I owned a Samoyed, I did love every breed of dog but he was my little baby so I always had a fondness for his breed. As I’ve gotten older I have grown quite fond of bigger dogs such as Bernese Mountain Dog’s, Leonberger’s, Alaskan Malamute’s, and Bullmastiff’s, I do also love Labradors though and have a massive soft spot for them because of my growing up with them. But I would say that it isn’t really down to the breed, its more down to the dog as every dog is different and I love them all!

  • What do you enjoy most about working with dogs?

I adore working with dogs because they are always just so happy to see you, it doesn’t matter whether its pouring it down with rain, or if it’s the middle of a blizzard, so long as I have a dog keeping me company I would be so happy. I love making sure that the dogs get enough exercise and have a lot of fun during their day. I have always loved taking care of animals, it is one of my greatest passions in life!

  • What do you enjoy most about working at Oakington Dog Day Care?

Since starting at ODDCC I have had such an amazing time, the dogs and all the staff are lovely! I feel like I have joined a little family and I wake up every day very excited to come into work which is a wonderful feeling to have! Seeing all the dog’s happy little faces, excited for the day ahead as they walk through the door, nothing makes me happier in the entire world, I feel like I’ve finally found my calling in life.

Oakington Dog Day Care Centre team members - Elizabeth

Introducing Elizabeth

  • What specific skills and experience to you have?

Horses and dogs are my life and no amount of early mornings, late nights and hard work will change that! I am currently studying at TOCES alongside working at Oakington Dog Day Care to become an Equine Veterinary Nursing Technician. I have achieved my Level 3 Extended Diploma in Horse Management. I have gained my BHS stage 1 care and riding, my EQL Level 2 award in the Principles of Horse Care, and a Certificate of Higher Education PASS in VETERINARY NURSING AND APPLIED ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR. I am continuing up the qualification ladder to gain further BHS exams/qualifications. I have two horses, a heavy weight coloured traditional cob called Oliver, and a welsh section a pony called William, both of which I regularly compete in many disciplines from showing, show jumping, cross country, le trec, pleasure rides, dressage, horse agility, carriage driving and more! I love my springer spaniel and my horses and couldn’t live without them all. I love working with all animals, from small animals while I was on veterinary placement to large farm animals and horses.

  • What are your favourite breeds of dog?

Well this is tricky, my 1st dog was a lovely rescue from wood green, which was a jack Russell x whippet, followed by another terrier. My current dog is an English springer spaniel, so my favourite breeds vary, from terriers, spaniels to English bull terriers/staffs. What matters is the individual themselves and their personalities. There is nothing better than taking my springer spaniel with me down the yard with my two horses, where he comes with me to do daily tasks, it’s our happy place.

  • What do you enjoy most about working with dogs?

I have always been around animals, I thoroughly enjoy working with dogs, different breeds, personalities, characters, working with a huge variety. No matter what mood I’m in, when I’m around dogs, they always brighten up my day. The intelligence I see in the dogs every day, reminds me how lucky we are to have animals in our lives, they give us everything and all they want is our love in return.

  • What do you enjoy most about working at Oakington Dog Day Care?

Working with the dogs, watching them grow and develop, interact and come out their shells is so rewarding, spending my day filled with laughs, lots of toys and cuddles. Watching the dogs arrive and seeing them so happy to see us, the day care and the other dogs is so lovely to see. Watching and being part of a dog’s development is so rewarding, from puppies to adult dogs who learn to play and interact with all different types of breeds. I feel very lucky to work at Oakington Dog Day Care, working with both a great variety of dogs and a fantastic team of fellow colleagues.

“Our team is certainly richer with the addition of Lauren & Elizabeth. They have fitted in incredibly well, both settling in to our team and getting to know all of our VIP’s (Very Important Pooches!). It is a very true saying that there is no ‘I’ in ‘team’, and we are a true team effort. I’m so happy to see our wonderful team grow with such lovely like-minded, caring individuals.” Pamela

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