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What does it mean if a dog is in yellow? Yellow Dog UK – Some dogs need space

The Yellow Dog Project is a registered charity and has been around for a few years now and is a global movement to spread the word that some dogs need space.

You may have noticed dogs with a yellow bandana on, or a yellow ribbon tied to their lead or collar, or a yellow lead or collar with anxious printed on it. Whatever is used the message is the same - please give the dog space.

Yellow is not saying that the dog is dangerous just that for a multitude of reasons the dog at this particular point in time needs to be given some space. Do not let your dog run up to it either off lead or on an extendable lead. Make sure your dog is on their lead under control and pass quietly on by, thereby not creating a possible situation and giving both dogs a stress free encounter.

Reasons a dog may be in yellow:-

  • Dog is unwell

  • Dog is recovering from an operation

  • Dog is in season

  • Dog is in training

  • Dog is old and tired

  • Dog is grumpy

  • Dog is nervous

  • Dog is insecure

  • Dog is newly rescued

  • Dog is afraid of people

  • Dog may be a new addition to the family and they are unsure of his behaviour

If you see a dog in yellow give them and their handler a respectable distance. They will thank you for it.

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