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Why use a Professional Dog Groomer?

Professional Dog Grooming in Cambridgeshire

With Crufts coming up this week we’re looking forward to seeing some of the best-groomed dogs in the world! This has got us thinking as to why it’s important to keep your dog well groomed and how a professional like Spruced Goose Dog Grooming at Oakington Dog Day Care Centre can help with this.

It’s extremely important to make sure you keep your dog well groomed. The many benefits include keeping their coat clean, free of debris and easy to manage, as well as giving you the chance to check your dog is healthy and in top condition….

The reasons for grooming your dog

Cleanliness - to keep your dogs coat clean from dirt and remove debris and head hair. Knots are painful to dogs as they tighten and pull on their skin making brushing uncomfortable and painful. To check the ears to keep them clean and free from excess hair. To keep teeth clean, please see our Dental blog for the benefits of Dental care.

Health – To stimulate new coat growth, prevent formation of knots & matts which may lead to skin irritation. To prevent infection by keeping skin and coat healthy. By allowing air to circulate through the coat to the skin which helps to regulate their body temperature. By massaging the skin and brushing it through which encourages good blood circulation.

Appearance – Take pride in your dog looking smart whether you show your dog or not. A clean, shiny coat which has been brushed properly will shed less hair and keep their coat manageable.

Inspection – Check your dog for signs of parasites, lumps, bumps, wounds, matts, sores, grass seeds, thorns, foreign objects, and signs of infection so they can be treated or investigated further ASAP if necessary. Check nails and claws are not too long. As always, if you are concerned about anything you should consult your vet.

Relationship – To bond with your dog. Grooming helps with your dogs socialisation and gets them used to being handled and inspected. This can then reduce stress when they have to go to the vets or you need to check for any of the things listed under Inspection above. Regular grooming should be a pleasurable and rewarding experience and also reduces stress in owner and dog.

Benefits of using a professional dog groomer

A professional dog groomer has experience of handling dogs calmly and will have appropriate equipment to groom your dog safely and comfortably. Their equipment will be clean and sterilised between grooms to prevent cross contamination as well as being regularly maintained. Their equipment will also be of a higher quality than you would have at home. The groomer is trained in how to use the equipment safely to avoid clipper rash, brush burn and over-heating your dog from the dryers.

Bathing is a key part to dog grooming as the coat needs to be prepared thoroughly to give a good finish to the groom. Care needs to be taken both when using products and also to make sure water and/or product does not go up your dogs nose, into their ears or eyes.

Your groomer will check over your dog and report back any health concerns or changes they notice since the last. If it is their first groom an initial health check will be performed. For example, your groomer could notice a lump in early formation or fleas enabling you to decide how you proceed or treat your dog to prevent any infestation escalating.

A professional dog groomer will use quality products appropriate for your dogs coat and condition to prevent skin irritation and damage to the coat. They will also know how to use these products safely.

The groomer will have experience in grooming different breeds and coat types, and use appropriate techniques according to their breed and client requirements. They should also work within the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

A dogs nails need to be kept to the correct length. If they get too long walking will become uncomfortable for your dog, or the nail can grow into the pads - prevention is far better than cure. Your dog groomer will talk to you about regular nail clipping and clip the nails safely as many dogs are unhappy having this procedure.

Your dog groomer should also always be happy to give you tips on how to groom your dog at home.

Whilst you can groom your dog at home, as long as you have the time and skills, a professional dog groomer offers you a hassle-free experience. By building a relationship with your groomer, your dog should be happy to go to the groomer and you will have peace of mind that their welfare is of the utmost importance to your groomer.

Our very own Spruced Goose Dog Grooming at Oakington Dog Day Care Centre, offers dog grooming services to many happy clients throughout Cambridgeshire. We are always happy to meet dogs and owners who require help and advice to keep their dogs well groomed.

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