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Easy Ways to Pamper Your Dog

Dog Pampering Cambridgeshire

February is the month of Valentines day, as well as 20th February being Love Your Pet Day. This gives us the perfect excuse to treat our pooches…. as if we need an excuse!

  • Treat your dog to a comfy new bed, a plush blanket or throw, or maybe a new pillow. There are so many to choose from and what you choose will depend on how and where your dog likes to sleep.

* If you have a dressing gown in a warm plush fabric that you are no longer using, you could upcycle this into a pillow or cushion cover for your doggie.

  • Treat your dog to a new toy. These can range from the ever popular ball through to puzzle toys. Puzzle toys are a great way to stimulate dog’s minds as well as their bodies as they work out how to get their food. With some puzzle toys, you can also increase the level of difficulty to keep their interest.

  • Dental health check. Make sure you’re cleaning your doggie’s teeth regularly, you can get their teeth checked by a vet if you’re concerned. One thing to bear in mind is that it will be easier to clean your dog’s teeth if what you are using tastes good to them. There are a huge range of toothbrushes, dental gels and tooth-cleaning treats on the market that can help to keep plaque and decay at bay.

  • If your dog likes car journeys, take them on a road trip! Why not take a trip to the seaside, or a new country park? They will be excited at the prospect and anticipation of where they are going. Do always make sure they’re properly secured and safe in your vehicle.

  • Create a paddling pool in the garden. You can buy these second hand on the internet or buy a sturdy plastic tray from the hardware store, the depth will depend on the size of your dog. Supervision is required to keep your doggie safe.

  • Make your own sand pit. You can use the same sturdy plastic trays or paddling pools as above. Sand pits with lids are great for protecting the sand from the elements and you can then give access to the sand pit as a treat to entertain and have fun with your dog. They will be able to happily dig in the sand rather than your flower beds!

  • Find the Treat. Hide treats around your house and/or garden so your dog can have extra fun finding them. Just remember where you’ve hidden them so that you can direct your dog to collect them all, he will think you are so clever. This is a great way to get your dog to take direction from you whilst having fun at the same time.

  • Doggie Spa time at home or a trip to the Dog Groomers. Grooming your dog at home is a great way to bond with them, some dogs will get up and come to you as soon as you get the brush out as they love the attention. Grooming helps to keep your dog’s coat free from dirt, allows air to get to their skin, removes debris and prevents their fur from becoming knotty or matted. All this will leave them feeling great!

  • Try out your local doggie day care centre to get your dog socialising with others. Doggie day care centres like ours have great facilities to keep your dog stimulated, entertained and well exercised and they’ll have great fun at the same time.

And of course, the best way to pamper your dog is to show them some affection. Most doggies enjoy a fuss, being stroked and cuddling up with us. So, after trying out some of these methods, why not snuggle up with your nicely pampered pooch and show them some love!

Dog Pampering Cambridgeshire

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