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What is Doggie Day care and How Can We Help?

Oakington Dog Daycare Cambridgeshire

Doggie Day care makes your life easier by providing safe, fun, structured and stimulating care for your dog whilst you’re at work, or out for the day. It enables you to go to work guilt free knowing your dog is having a great time too. They just can’t wait to get inside when you arrive so you can leave your dog happy in the knowledge that they really want to be with us.


The top two benefits of Doggie Day care are exercise – which tires him out and promotes good manners, and the opportunity for him to socialise with other dogs – an important ongoing experience if you want your dog to be friendly and confident with other canines.

Other benefits, including socialisation with humans, relief from boredom, prevention of destructive behaviour, a chance for your dog to have fun, and a lessening of owner guilt, if you feel bad about leaving your dog home alone all day. These benefits help to create a strong bond between dog and owner; a relationship that is vitally important to ensure that your dog will be a beloved family member for the rest of his life.

Experiments have shown that dogs have the intelligence of a small child. Not only do dogs need attention and social interaction, but it is a considerable ask to make them wait to go to the toilet for 7 or 8 hours and to amuse themselves in this time.

Doggie Day Care offers you the chance to leave your dog in an environment that means he will be able to socialise and play with other dogs in the most natural environment possible.


At Oakington Dog Day Care we have created a dog’s fun paradise. With safe enclosed areas for the dogs to explore, investigate, play, rest and relax in. Think of us as a Doggy Crèche where your doggie friend is well looked after and entertained for the day!

We have a large secure field and paddock for the dogs to enjoy, all set in the Cambridgeshire countryside. Along with a great inside play space and a peaceful rest area with sofas, duvets, crates and beds depending on where your dog likes to sleep and snooze. There’s also a large assortment of toys, sand pits, paddling pools, tyres and play equipment, to make your dog’s time with us as much fun as possible.

Every dog is a VIP (Very Important Pooch) to us and is treated as one of our own. Your dog is not taken off site so you always know where they are. We are a dedicated team, we all have our own dogs and are very passionate about our dogs, your dogs, other dogs and dog welfare.


Your dog may get lonely and bored at home all by himself, just as we would. Is your dog being destructive and chewing things he shouldn’t be? Some dogs don’t like extended periods of alone time and need the company of other dogs. In doggie day care they get all the attention and play time that they need, both from their playmates and our dedicated caring staff. No two days are the same, so your dog won’t be bored with us. Providing doggie day care for puppies helps produce a nice rounded dog for the future as they can mix with a variety of breeds and ages of dogs.

Feeding and Toileting

Knowing that your dog is being well looked after you don’t have to rush home to let them out, gives you peace of mind in our modern busy lives. Some days you may have to work late or you get caught in traffic on the way home – it happens and can be unavoidable. And you worry that your dog is hungry or needs a pee.

If you require your dog to have lunch at Oakington Dog Day care Centre, please bring it with them in the morning in their ‘doggy bag’, they will eat after they have rested from our morning activities and there will be ample time to rest after lunch before commencing on our afternoons activities. When your dog is spending the day at doggie day care, it’s one less thing for you to worry about as you can rest assured that they are being well cared for.


Rather than spending hours alone and possibly finding mischief, a quality doggie day care experience can give your pup a healthy way to release their pent-up energy. Instead of arriving from work to find a frantic friend in dire need of a long walk, you will be picking up a calm, happy, tired pooch ready to settle peacefully for the evening. Stressed out and frustrated dogs are replaced by quieter, calmer and more contented ones.

Puppies are monitored closely to ensure they do not over exercise. They play for short periods within the group of dogs. But they also have some time on lead in the company of the main group or play in our puppy enclosures with a few dogs. We take care to protect them as they develop and mature.

Doggie day care will tire your dog out. All the interaction, activities and playtime are wonderful exercise both mentally and physically for your dog. By the time you take them home they’ll be ready to curl up at your feet and enjoy a relaxing evening while having lots of very happy doggy dreams!


Being with a group of dogs in Doggie Day Care is great for socialisation. To learn how to act with other dogs, your dog needs to be around their own kind. The younger they start with socialisation the better equipped your puppy will be when it comes to interacting with other dogs and people.

Dogs that have been properly socialised will congenially approach virtually anything that is alive, regardless of its species, and, unless they receive hostile signals, they will attempt to establish a good-natured relationship.

Doggie Day Care for puppies really does give them a great start in life.


A change of scenery benefits us all. Even if your dog is fine being left home alone, it’s a good idea to change their routine once in a while. It’ll be like a mini break for them! No two days are the same in doggie day care, we have different dogs, different activities, we get different toys out, it all depends on the weather and the dogs that we have in that day.


Your dog will receive lots of love and attention. We love dogs and they will be treated as if they are our own. Who doesn’t appreciate a cuddle, snuggle, belly rub or a tummy tickle during the course of the day!

Rest assured your dog will be treated with kindness and love by our dedicated team of dog lovers and owners.


You may not like the idea of someone coming into your home to walk your dog. People could notice your set routine and take advantage of the situation. Will the dog walker let your dog off lead? Can you trust your dog to return to them when in open countryside? With our doggie day care we provide secure facilities for your dog when you bring them to us. You can be sure your dog is secure, we do not take dogs off site.

Dog Grooming - Chance of a pamper on-site

Whilst at Oakington Dog Day Care Centre for the day, your doggie can be groomed at Spruced Goose Dog Grooming! We have a dog groomer on-site so you can book a grooming appointment directly with Spruced Goose and they can be groomed while in day care (subject to the groomers availability). We have a special rate for dogs that go and have a groom during their time with us at doggie day care. Your dog will be collected by our groomer and be all spruced up and then returned to day care in readiness for your return.

As you can see there are many benefits to doggie day care for both you and your dog. So why not check out your local doggie day care facility, or one on your way to work and see what they have to offer? If you’re based in or around Cambridgeshire, Oakington Dog Day Care Centre is just outside of Cambridge, with easy access to the A14 and we’d love to meet you and your dog. Please contact us to arrange a visit to introduce you to our facilities and see how doggie day care could help you and your dog. We love talking dogs, your dog will love it!

Email us or phone: 07704 729299

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