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How To Find A Great Dog Groomer

When it comes to finding a dog groomer for your beloved pooch it’s understandable that you only want the best for your pup; after all they are part of your family and like your own child – but how can you find a great dog groomer that you can trust and that your dog will love?

Ask Around

When you are out walking your dog in the local area ask where other dog walkers take their dogs for dog grooming, they will quickly tell you the best place to go and also places you should avoid as they or their dog loving friends have had bad experiences.

Check Testimonials

Look on the websites of local dog groomers and see what their customers have to say; if they have no testimonials at all or they are all a few years old contact the dog groomer and ask if they have any recent reviews from happy customers.

Get Social

Have a look round on social media for dog groomers that share before and after photos of the dogs they have been grooming and look for a dog groomer that has experience of grooming a dog like yours, either of the same breed or similar coat and size; make sure their grooming style suits your tastes too.

Ask Your Vet

When you visit your vet for a check-up with your dog ask them if they can recommend a dog groomer who they have heard good things about. This is then a professional option that you can trust and may give you peace of mind if you have concerns.

Here at Oakington Dog Day Care Centre we have an onsite dog grooming company called Spruced Goose Dog Grooming so you can leave your dog with us for a day of fun and they will get groomed too saving you the time and effort of two journeys to us and to a dog groomer.

As a reputable groomers Spruced Goose Dog Grooming offer an induction to make sure the dog is happy in their environment and that they can meet the grooming needs of your dog, they offer an extremely high level of care treating your dog as if it was their own and also offer grooming services in Oakington, Longstanton, Cottenham, Barhill and other areas across Cambridgeshire.

Feel free to check out our reviews or find out more about our dog grooming services

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