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Do You Want A Well Behaved, Happy Hound?

It’s only normal that as a loving dog owner you would want a well behaved and happy dog as part of your family – but it takes effort to achieve this so in this blog post we would like to share some advice with you so you can have a well-behaved and happy dog.

When thinking about your dog it is important to remember that the behaviour of your dog has more to do with how it is brought up and treated as opposed to its breed; the way you treat your dog is more important than anything else.

If you have your dog from a puppy it is important that you carefully introduce them to a wide range of situations such as walks around the neighbourhood, trips in the car, days at a doggy day care, other animals, children and adults of all ages and other new places and experiences as this will help prevent common behaviour problems as well as socialisation issues because they won’t be scared when they visit these places or have these experiences again later in life.

As soon as your dog has settled into your home, no matter the age of the dog, you can start training it. Rewards and treats are a great way to encourage success in the training process so they know when they do something good, something nice will happen to them and they will continue to do good things in order to get nice things.

It is much more effective to treat your dog for good behaviour than it is to punish them for doing something bad or naughty because punishment can lead to your dog being scared of you and this will not help when building a relationship between you and your dog.

Remember that just like you and I, dogs also get bored. If you are leaving your dog at home all day why not consider a doggy day care centre where they can be looked after and entertained, while interacting and socialising with other dogs?

Alternatively you can help prevent your dog from getting too bored at home by setting little activities and challenges at home such as hiding treats around the home or a Kong toy filled with food; activities like this will also help encourage your dog to use his nose and other senses to find the treats.

How you treat your dog results in how well behaved your dog is in later life; so make sure you keep this in mind and you’ll have a well-behaved, healthy and happy hound.

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