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Dog Grooming Cambridge

We are delighted to have Spruced Goose Dog Grooming
on site at Oakington Dog Day Care Centre.

Spruced Goose Dog Grooming

All breeds and ages of dogs are welcome.

07745 783583

Spruced Goose dog grooming Facebook page

We have a City and Guilds trained dog groomer on site (one of the owners, Pamela) who can pamper your dog and have them looking and feeling great! You can arrange to have your dog groomed and pampered as part of their daycare day, meaning you can pick them up clean, spruced and smelling sweet!

How to book 

You can contact me by phone, text, email or social media. Please understand that I may not be able to get back to you immediately, as I may be busy making dogs look gorgeous!

All grooms are by appointment only.

Your first appointment is where I will get to know you and your dog. There is a client record card to fill in and we will have a chat about your dog. I will introduce myself to your dog and we can discuss what you like from the groom and how you would like your dog to look. If there is anything else you think I should know about your dog (e.g needs a muzzle for nails being clipped), please tell me. I may not need the muzzle, but it is better for me and your dog to be prepared. I like to build a relationship with your dog, so they feel calm and relaxed whilst receiving their groom.

As you come for subsequent appointments, I will ask how your dog has been (any new health issues etc.) and how the cut has worked for you. We can discuss any changes you may want for the next groom.

You will be given an allocated time for your dog's groom at a time convenient for you. I will give you a time to collect your dog when they are finished with their pampering and looking lovely.

Grooming Services

Groom prices are dependent on breed, groom, coat and condition. 

Extra charges apply if your dog is knotty, matted or has fleas.

Full Groom 

Includes brush, bath, dry, nails clipped, ears plucked & cleaned, eyes cleaned, underpads, paws, tail and feathers trimmed, plus styling.


Interim Groom

Includes brush, bath, dry, nails clipped, ears plucked & cleaned, underpads, paws.


Groom highlights

  • Our Hydrobath produces a mix of warm water and shampoo delivered effectively to penetrate the thickest coats, yet gentle enough to give a therapeutic massage to the skin.  

  • A quality dog shampoo chosen to suit your dogs coat and skin type.  

  • All dogs are hand dried using ionic dryers to help condition the coat.  

  • Your dog will be treated with love and care all the way through

Puppy Groom

Puppies up to 6 months old. Visit includes: brush, bath, dry, nails, paws, ears & eyes - sounds & smells familiarisation. 


This is very much on your puppies terms, as I want them to enjoy their first experience and come back happy for their next groom. I will take it at your puppies pace and introduce them to things slowly. I will never push them, but try to encourage them to experience everything in the cabin, even if that means only one nail gets clipped.


The aim is for their experience to be a positive one so that when they come for their next groom, they can enjoy it.

Any age of dog is welcome

For the older dog I’m very much led by them. Their comfort is my priority and I am happy to adapt the groom to suit them. Should they want to sit or lay down I will do my best to accommodate them. If they are unable to get onto the table, I will groom them on the floor. I always want to make their groom as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

One to One Dog Grooming

All grooms are on a one to one basis, so yours is the only dog in the grooming cabin at any one time, (unless you have more than 1 dog in your household, then I am happy to do 2 or 3 dogs together).


Nervous dogs benefit from the quiet calm environment where they can look out of the windows and watch the rabbits and squirrels and listen to the birds.  They can also hear the dogs moving about in Oakington Dog Day Care which can help to distract them.


Puppy Meet & Greet 

Free of Charge - It is a great idea to help with your puppies socialisation for them to come in to the grooming cabin, generally at the end of the day so that they can meet me, have a little play, and experience the sights, sounds and smells around the cabin. As soon as the puppy has cleared their vaccinations, they can come in. Generally the younger the better to allow them time to acclimatise as they grow up.

A groom is a big deal for a dog and can be very stressful if not done with care and love. The groomer is a new person to the dog, and they are bathing, clipping and trimming them in a new environment. I aim to make this as relaxing as possible by slowly acclimatising the dog to the environment. I will get to know your dog and play with them, as well as let them explore the grooming cabin. I find that giving them a positive experience each time makes a huge difference to how a dog feels about coming in for a groom.

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